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Aerodata International Surveys News – the new aerial imagery website with the most current NL aerial photos

Tuesday 18 december 2007 sees the launch of Aerodata’s completely new website for online aerial photography, (Dutch only at this moment).

Aerodata is also known as supplier of the aerial imagery on Google Earth and Maps in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Now with this own & unique website Aerodata offers access to the most complete and up-to-date aerial photos of the Netherlands. The basis is made up of a detailed, nation-wide aerial image dataset of 2007.

On top of that many cities have been added with more detail going up to 4 cm.

During development lots of attention was given to the user friendliness. The site is very easy to navigate, is very transparent and utilizes a very fast Flash viewer.

For the user it should be a special, fun and interesting experience to be able to browse through the aerial photo database that Aerodata had made available through a fast web server.
It only takes 5 steps from image selection to image download and attractive pricing is maintained.

Professional users who want to access the aerial imagery in a GIS/CAD system, for reproduction or for other purposes, will find their liking in the aeroGRID® Pro services.

These can be found at

The database will regularly be updated with brand new, high resolution imagery making it inevitable that aeroGRID® will become the reference for aerial photography of the Netherlands.
Early 2008 will mark the launch of comparable website for Belgium and France with aeroGRID® products.