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EARSC position paper on developing EO service industry

EARSC as the trade association representing the sector has already developed excellent links with ESA and we consider that this relationship could be the platform from which to build Europe’s position in developing countries. By tackling the IFI’s as a first step we can establish the local links from which to build sound future business….

Introduction / Summary

The EO services industry is a supplier of key geo-information products and services based on the use of satellite data. With the launch of the Copernicus programme and the first Sentinel approaching, Europe has an excellent opportunity to lever its investments such that industry can grow in the global market. R&D investments in EO services have been made in the past by both ESA and the EC through the framework programme as well as national programmes. A significant problem with the FP is the gap between research activities, which through its rules often favours public and academic organisations and the exploitation of the research results in the commercial sector. The ESA EOMD has helped in this respect and this approach needs to be taken further if the Copernicus potential is to be realised.

The close relationship between EO services and national interests means that industry cannot succeed alone. Over the last few years, ESA and EARSC have worked together with some promising signs of potential for success. This can be extended through a new initiative linking the institutional relationships that ESA can develop to the strength and capabilities of the industry. Coupled with the support of the EC and of Member States (MS), the EO services industry in Europe can establish a strong, leading position in the world market

EARSC position paper could be found at the following link