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EARSC Guideline Document

EARSC EO Industry Certification Scheme. Document Requirements Definition for Earth Observation Product Specifications

EARSC is pleased to provide the link for the first EARSC guideline document (Document Requirements Definition for Earth Observation Product Specifications). This document has been distributed and agreed by EARSC members.

The purpose of this document is to enable organisations generating Earth Observation Product Specifications to produce documents of common content. This is designed to:

  • Provide a common format for Product Specifications across the industry, enabling customers to request a common format across bidders and reduce the effort on the part of suppliers in producing ‘bespoke’ specifications for each customer
  • Ease the process of Product Certification for both the Organisation and the Certification Body.

EARSC Product Specification DRD guideline v1.0
bq. Please contact EARSC if you need further information.