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EARSC has joined the ELAN Network

In the last ELAN Network Membership Committee celebrated in December 2016, EARSC was accepted as member of ELAN Network.

EARSC, as an industry representative body, seeks to develop initiatives to help the sector get better access to markets outside of Europe. EARSC is willing to develop synergies to facilitate the entry of EO services SMEs in Latin American markets, thereby promoting technology transfer to new geographical markets. Due to the extensive network of partners in specific Latin American countries, ELAN has the potential to help EARSC find the right interlocuters and will help to capture the specific needs of the end-users in the countries where SMEs want to expand.

What type of network is ELAN Network?

A Triple Helix network composed of proactive and participative intermediary organisations that create multiplier alliances between agents of the ecosystem, in order to strengthen their ties and abilities to support SMEs in the development of TBBOs between EU and LAC.

  • Business Support Organisations: chambers of commerce, clusters, incubators & other entrepreneur support organisations, etc. that work with SMEs in various different domains: innovation, internationalisation, competitiveness, entrepreneurship…
  • Knowledge and Technology based Organisations: universities, technology and innovation centres, etc.  with an ability and interest in identifying the best ideas, in order to transform them into business.
  • Public Sector Actors: internationalisation and/or innovation promotion agencies, regional development agencies, etc. drivers of the innovation ecosystem in their territories and owners of programmes and policies that support the generation of business opportunities.

Watch this video to have a better overview of the ELAN Network activities:

What are the events planned for 2017?

The ELAN Network will organise 7 events this year, one in each country: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru.These events will focus on generating technology based business opportunities (TBBO) between EU and LAC companies (in particular SMEs) and supporting these opportunities mature and grow to become business success stories.

Some are of particular interest to our community:

  • 4-5 July, Lima, Peru: Technological solutions for an integral urban growth
  • 18-19 October, Santiago, Chile: Technologies and Business Models for the Energy Challenges of the 21st Century
  • 13-14 November, Bogota, Colombia: Event around ICT coordinated with 20th TCI Global Conference.

The ELAN Network issued an invitation to European companies interested in doing technological based business with Latin-American companies. You can send them your interest in a particular event, sector or country using this form.
More information on the ELAN Network events