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2nd International Conference on GIS and Remote Sensing

The 2nd International Conference on GIS and Remote Sensing will be held on July 20-21, 2017 Munich, Germany.

The theme of the GIS Congress 2017 is “Innovation of Spatial Data Infrastructure for Sustainable Development”. The conference strives to accumulate specialists and pioneers from across the globe in order to counter the economic under-evaluation Geologists may face in their practice. Several eminent researchers and speakers will present their outlook and advice, the venue of the event has been selected after much research to assure that the event is being held in one of the hotspots for the concerned field, therefore attendance is expected to be astounding, both in quality and quantity. The conference will not only feature recent findings from leading industrial and academic experts in the field of GIS & Remote Sensing, in the form of lectures and posters but provide a platform to experts as well.

More information at the Conference website