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e-GEOS price list

(27 September 2012) e-GEOS is pleased to announce the publication of its new Price List, which will be effective immediately


  • New Priority Tasking Policy: new pricing per km2 has been introduced, based on different priority levels (Elevated Tasking and Targeted Tasking). The two new tasking options replace the previous up-front Priority Tasking fee.
  • New Products: now available GeoProfessional Archive, GeoEye View, GeoEye View Archive (GeoEye View is an orthorectified image product specifically designed for use in Google Earth and Maps and is licensend as “view-only”. It can only be viewed and managed within the Google Enterprise Geo infrastructure.)


  • New Archive Policy and Pricing:
    Standard Archive: Pricing applies to data older than 90 days
    Fresh Archive: Pricing applies to data less than 90 days old, equivalent to Select Tasking price.
  • New Products: 2m resolution Standard, Basic and Stereo products now available
  • Basic Products: Minimum order sizes and prices based on km2
  • CitySphere offering removed


  • Only archive products available due to end of mission, declared on 9 May, 2012


  • ALOS archive products again available

Contact your Customer Service Representative for any additional information or clarification. Regards. e-GEOS Team

e-GEOS, an Italian Space Agency (20%) and Telespazio (80%) company, is a leading international player in the geo-spatial business. e-GEOS offers a range of products and services in the Earth Observation and in the geo-spatial application domains, based on both optical and radar satellites as well as on aerial surveys.
e-GEOS operates its Earth Observation centres in Matera and Neustrelitz, where data from multiple satellites are received and processed, also for near-real-time monitoring

Price List