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Development of Suitability Coverage Engine (SUCE) has been awarded to GISAT

The principal objective of the SUCE project is to define a concept and architecture, and provide the prototype permitting to retrieve an optimal EO image product sets suitable for user defined mapping and monitoring activities avoiding both manual filtering and transfer of useless data.

The SUCE Engine aims at providing users with the ability to perform suitability analysis on archived datasets based on metadata, return suitable results (as metadata maps), analyse potential gaps & allow modifying the criteria, and finally use the metadata to directly download archived dataset needed for defined mapping product.

End-to-end use case scenarios and associated requirements are being identified in order to define SUCE architecture at system level and the software requirements and architecture engineering at subsystem level. Three general use cases and their combinations are presumed:

  • single image retrieval
  • seamless spatial coverage
  • temporal coverage

EO product metadata analysis will be the subsequent task. Each of the repositories established by the Earth Observation (EO) data providers permitting the access and the download of selected satellite imagery shall be identified and analysed.

The core development activity is represented by the SUCE prototype design. It includes implementation, verification and deployment of the system architecture with the aim to provide a scalable and modular SUCE Engine. The entire software development process follows an open source approach. The prototype validation and evaluation will cover three scenarios: validation against use cases, validation based on simple use cases built on top of simulated metadata and validation involving end-users.

SUCE GUI mockup

SUCE project is led by GISAT as prime contractor and it is supported by Advanced Studies and Research Center (ASRC) as subcontractor. This 18-months project is funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) through the GSTP programme.

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