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Deployment In One Hour For ImageSat's New Mini-Terminal For EO Data Delivery

[SatNews] ImageSat International N.V. , the owner and operator of the EROS A and EROS B very high resolution imaging satellites, will reveal the 70 cm resolution EROS B satellite portable end-to-end ground Mini-Terminal (MiniTer) for real time ultra-fast downloading of data from Earth observation satellites at LAAD 2015.

The EROS B MiniTer solution allows direct downloads from the satellite to any location and combines a 1.5m or 2.4m X-band antenna system designed by ORBIT Communication Systems, with a processing unit developed by ImageSat. Specially designed to meet the needs of EROS B customers, this compact, rugged, portable solution can be installed in any environment or weather condition, enabling rapid deployment for any earth observation application.

The lightweight MiniTer receives X-band signals when the EROS-B satellite passes within a 2000-km radius footprint of the MiniTer’s location. Features include X-band signal demodulation, image reconstruction, image display during signal reception (quick look) and image archiving.

According to Mr. Rani Hellerman, Vice President for Business Development, “We will debut our portable ground system at LAAD 2015—the first of its kind in the world—allowing deployment in one hour. The system enables our customers to receive accurate, high quality data in real time – delivering images of large areas in the shortest possible time, from the battlefield or the location of an event. Currently beginning the marketing of the system, we are very happy with the feedback we have received from potential customers, and expect the first orders to be placed in the near future.”