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Deimos-1 Satellite Bus Ready for Integration, Ground Station Construction Started

Deimos-1, next spacecraft to be launched in the DMC has passed its Module Readiness Review, all subsystems ready and tested individually and ready for integration.

With the completion of the imager during the next month, the satellite will start final integration soon. Construction of the Ground Control Centre for Deimos-1 has started in Boecillo, Valladolid, Spain.

Deimos-1 was already featured in previous issues of this magazine. Together with the UK-DMC2, they are the first pair of the second-generation DMC spacecraft built by SSTL, to be launched together next year.

A thorough testing program has just finished at the subsystem level with Deimos-1. Despite of its small size, the spacecraft contains state-of-the-art systems in all areas and will integrate a newly developed imaging system. SSTL’s experience has allowed to provide enhancements in critical components without losing the reliability that has been the characteristic feature of past DMC satellites. Deimos-1, with a total of 12GB solid state on-board storage and a downlink capacity of up to 40 MBPS, is a very respectable addition to the fleet of Earth Observation assets currently in space.

Testing of all subsystems has proceeded at record speed due to the reuse of some components and the evolutionary choice taken for new developments. Additionally, a large part of the integrated tests has already taken place in a “soft stack” configuration, in which modules are fully assembled electrically but are left unfastened mechanically.

The pictures depict the Deimos-1 review team in the integration hall with the satellite, complete except for imager and solar arrays. Pictures of some components are also shown.

The imager, a complete new development with better optical characteristics and smaller pixel size than the original SLIM6, is in advanced phases of EM testing and is scheduled to start FM manufacture in the next month.

Additionally, construction work for the base of the 5,5m antenna at the Ground Control Centre has started and is expected to finish during the first half of October.


Deimos Imaging SL is an Earth Observation company, with entirely private investors, and its goal is the operation of a complete system including spacecraft, ground station and delivery of finished products and services. Currently it offers a number of very stable products that stem from the research at the Remote Sensing Lab at the University of Valladolid, using scientific as well as commercial satellite data (including current DMC) and is in active preparation of the processing capability to use the data of the new Deimos-1 and UK-DMC2.


Pedro Duque, Managing Director (


DMC, SSTL and Deimos Imaging SL.