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Critical Software provides automatic burnt scars mapping based on Earth Observation data

Critical Software SA signed a contract for the provision of automatic medium-resolution burnt scars mapping to the Forest Resources Directorate of the Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture. The maps are based on medium resolution Earth Observation data from the sensor MODIS distributed by the U.S. Geological Survey.

This innovative and completely automatic methodology combines EO data with land-cover information to produce daily burnt scars maps with minimum mapping unit of 48 hectars. Data can be exported to various raster and vector formats and can be easily visualized in applications like Google Earth.
This information is very valuable for the daily estimation of the damage caused by forest fires at a national and regional level. The processing chain does not require any interaction with human operators or image interpretation experts. The maps provide an objective assessment of the situation on the ground, even in remote locations. This product represents a very useful complement to the reports of the fire fighters and civil protection authorities who deals with hundreds of fire events at the same time.
Critical is currently considering to extend the automatic burnt scars mapping service to other geographic regions, in Europe and worldwide.
Critical Software provides reliable IT solutions for
critical systems. The company was funded in 1998, with offices in
Southampton (UK), San Jose (USA), and head quarter in Coimbra
(Portugal). Main business areas are Aerospace, Defense, Industry and
the Public Sector. Staff is 120.
Critical is listed in the “2005 Europe 500 Scoreboard” of the fastest growing industries in Europe.
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