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Call for papers for ISU´s 16th Annual International Symposium

Sustainability of Space Activities: International issues & Potential Solutions. STRASBOURG, Tues 21st – Thurs 23rd February 2012

During each academic year, the International Space University (ISU) organizes a three-day symposium as an interdisciplinary, international forum to help both the users and the providers of space-related systems to move forward from the discussion of problems to the formulation of innovative solutions. As an independent organization, ISU has developed a winning formula for a “different kind of symposium”:

  • Addressing all aspects of the subject – policy, business, legal, scientific, technical, etc.
  • Creating ample time for discussion
  • Fostering constructive dialogue among different sectors of the space community, or between different communities, that do not often interact in more specialized symposia.

At each of the past several events we have attracted close to 200 participants from agencies, industry and academia in around 30 different countries.

ISU’s next annual symposium will address the risks faced by spacecraft and crew due to various natural and human generated threats. Looking be¬yond the current situation we ask what can be done to mitigate the threats in order to assure long-term sustainability of space activities particularly through increased cooperation between nations.

The scope of the Symposium will be in line with the main objective of the UN COPUOS Working Group on the sub¬ject established in early 2010, that is, “to examine and propose measures to ensure the safe and sustainable use of outer space for peaceful purposes, for the ben¬efit of all countries”

The program will include invited contributions from leading experts in the field plus presentations and posters selected on the basis of abstracts submitted in response to the attached Call for Papers by the deadline date of 12th October 2011.

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