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Aurensis signs a strategic agreement with CatUAV

(Nov 2008) This past 26th November Aurensis has signed an agreement with CatUAV to be sole distributors of value-added geo-information services with UAV technology.

Aurensis, faithfull to its commitment to continuous innovation in management technologies and territory data collection, takes a step forward and becomes thus the first provider of Earth observation services in Spain using UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicles).

The UAV platform – light, undetectable, fast and secure – enables loading different sensors: high-resolution digital optical sensor, video, near-infrared and thermal to obtain high-resolution video and images (1 cm / 1 pixel) of the Earth surface, data suitable for high-accuracy mapping, to identify and monitor changes, for vegetation monitoring, obtaining temperatures, etc. ….

With the UAV platform, Aurensis provides new services for natural resources, public works, infrastructure (water, gas, electricity, etc. ..) monitoring through georeferenced images and videos, as well as real-time information for emergencies’ management (fire, discharges, etc …) never available before in the sector.

For more information: UAV Services, R+D+I ITUMA

Source Aurensis