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Astrium Services Integrates Global Seeps with TGS’ New Seismic Data

Astrium Services Integrates Global Seeps with TGS’ New Seismic Data to Better Locate Offshore Oil Prospects

  • Nalcor Energy Oil & Gas realises benefits of integrating Global Seeps with seismic data
  • Off-the-shelf oil seeps study available now – Offshore Newfoundland & Labrador

Leicester, UK – 20th March 2012 – Astrium Services’ GEO-Information teams have signed an agreement with TGS, who provides seismic data to oil and gas exploration and production companies worldwide, to utilise Astrium’s Global Seeps to help improve the probability of locating new offshore discoveries.

During a recent joint project, enhanced targeting of potential hydrocarbon prospects was achieved when oil seepage slicks information from Astrium GEO-Information Services’ Global Seeps database was integrated with frontier seismic data. TGS will use Astrium’s offshore oil seepage information products to plan and position seismic surveys. This will enable oil & gas firms to source combined seismic and Global Seeps data, streamline future exploration efforts, and improve the chances of successfully identifying slicks resulting from natural seepage of hydrocarbon reserves.

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Astrium Services takes Satellite-based Monitoring to a new Level with Go Monitor

  • Innovative monitoring concept combines daily coverage, weather-independent acquisitions and high-quality image analysis
  • Customers appreciate fully tailored monitoring programmes, timely email alerts, secure online access and comprehensive change reports
  • 60 off-the-shelf pre-selected monitored sites worldwide

Toulouse, 21 February 2012 – Astrium Services’ GEO-Information team has now taken satellite-based monitoring to a new level. Based on cutting-edge satellite imagery, standard and advanced image analysis, processing and interpretation, the new service Go Monitor provides high-quality change information for any area of interest worldwide on a reliable and cost-effective basis.

No matter how remote or inaccessible a site may be, with daily revisit options and independent of weather conditions, Go Monitor supports users around the globe in their day-to-day operations. Go Monitor helps to effectively monitor activities, to precisely understand the environment in which they operate and to take well-informed decisions.

  • Defence & intelligence bodies observe infrastructure for effective targeting and identification of relevant assets
  • Oil & gas organisations monitor exploration, production and facilities – both onshore and offshore – for the benefit of health, safety and environmental responsibility, as well as improved productivity and the fulfillment of external regulations
  • Civil engineering companies monitor under and above ground construction of infrastructure, both existing and under development, to increase safety and performance.

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