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5 years TerraSAR-X, participation at GMES Masters Competition, fires by Pleiades…etc

2012 Summer Olympics in London (07/10/2012)

The Olympic Park’s construction seen by satellite

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TerraSAR-X: 5 Years of Precision & Reliability – Celebrate with us ! (Published 06/29/2012)

TerraSAR-X celebrates the completion of its fifth year in space, which is at the same time the originally planned nominal lifetime of the satellite. The satellite remains in brilliant health condition and reliably continues to deliver data products with unique accuracy and precision. The extended lifetime of the satellite is forecasted to be at least a further 2-3 years.

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Astrium Participates in GMES Masters 2012 (Published 06/25/2012)

Astrium GEO-Information Services is supporting the GMES Masters 2012 program through the announcement of a new challenge focussing on the use of high-resolution radar satellite data. The GMES Masters rewards on an annual basis the best ideas for services, business cases and applications based on GMES data, with the aim to foster product development and entrepreneurship in Europe.

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Colorado fires seen by Pléiades (Published 06/19/2012)Pléiades

1A, the first European very high resolution satellite built and operated by Astrium, has taken an image of the forest fires that are raging in Colorado, with more than 200 square kilometers scorched and at least 181 homes destroyed.

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Euro 2012, Stadiums in Poland and Ukraine viewed by Pléiades and TerraSAR-X (Published 06/06/2012)

Pléiades imagery available for all users (Published 06/04/2012)

GeoStore: Your Web Gateway to Pléiades (Published 06/04/2012)