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Wineo – Innovative vineyard characterization and management services

NOVELTIS developed unique, reliable and innovative products, called WINEO, for characterizing the vineyard plots by using the latest technologies of aerial and satellite remote-sensing.

The products provide the user with a comprehensive view of its vineyard and helps him/her enhance its production potential and quality.

WINEO services include:

  • The coverage of the vineyard with high-resolution aerial imagery with centimetre resolution;
  • The digitalisation of each plot boundaries;
  • The characterisation of each plot with unique and reliable indicators:
    • Localisation and percentage of missing plants;
    • Precise vigour mapping (without the artefacts of inter-rows) to inform about the vineyard maturity and help defining the appropriate plot management practices;
    • Inter-row vigour mapping to localize the unwanted grass, target the areas of extensive vegetation and optimize the costs of the weeding processes;
    • Rows characterization (positions, orientation);
    • Mapping of sunshine potential.

WINEO products are provided in several formats, depending on user’s preferences: Online web-mapping, printed maps or GIS layers.

WINEO products were validated in close cooperation with several end-users in Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, Portugal, etc.). Today WINEO products are operational and commercialized by NOVELTIS at the global scale.

Key benefits:

  • Optimization of the vineyard potential.
  • Selective harvesting and production of homogeneous tanks.
  • Cost reduction by targeting the use of fertilizers and reducing the ground inspections.
  • Modern decision making tools with multi-temporal monitoring.
  • Disease monitoring.