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“Why ‘Where’ Matters: Understanding and Profiting from GPS, GIS and Remote Sensing”

A new and interesting geospatial book titled “Why ‘Where’ Matters: Understanding and Profiting from GPS, GIS and Remote Sensing” has been published.

The tag line is “Practical Advice for Individuals, Communities, Companies and Countries.” No other book or publication in our field brings together the technology, its history, applications, and associated policy that demonstrates the importance of geospatial as well as this one does. It is written to be highly readable and it has the ringing endorsement of a highly respected high level politician as well as one of the leading thinkers and academics in the geospatial field.

What some leaders and experts are saying about this book:

“This book is both a technology primer and a fascinating source of analysis of advanced applications of geo-information. It should be read by anyone who wants or needs to understand the sweeping implications for individuals, governments, and business of the modern use of geographically based information.” John Manley, P.C., O.C., President and Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Council of Chief Executives, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada

“A timely and important contribution to the geomatics literature by two experienced and well respected professionals. The book provides a comprehensive overview of current geospatial technologies, data sources and applications; and effectively addresses a number of important policy issues. It is highly recommended as an introductory text for both policy makers and professionals seeking further insight into the opportunities afforded by the intelligent application of geomatics technologies.” John McLaughlin, Professor and President Emeritus, University of New Brunswick

See the Book! Over 25 pages of the pre-publication version of the book are on display on the web site: