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Why space is so relevant for Regions?

The space activities are very peculiar in their capacity of stemming growth and competitiveness and in their continental dimension are a strategic asset for peaceful competition and defense in troubled epoch. For these reasons, the Lisbon treaty define Space as a shared policy of the European Union, in some way a strategic asset for a global power.

At local scale, other peculiar capacities of space emerges, the dual faced development of sophisticated supply side and the stimulus of a modern, mostly but not only, public, demand side.

The term “Rocket Science” is not casual, in the last 50 years space systems have been at the heart of innovation race, leading to the development of a healthy industry ranging from advanced materials to informatics. Nevertheless as stimulating as the supply side is, the power of space service is no less fascinating.

The big question is, “how to harmonize the multiples dimensions of Space?”
To try to answer this question, the Puglia Region Aerospace Cluster (DTA) invited the European network of space regions (NEREUS), ESA, ASI, CNES and other 300 representatives to meet in Bari for the International Conference “Space4You – Space, a Driver for Competitiveness and Growth”. Read more: