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VtWeb by VisioTerra

VisioTerra is an independant French company specialized in Science Consulting for Earth Observation. They developped VtWeb an most innovative solution for Earth Observation.

VtWeb is a platform enabling users to easily browse free Earth observation data across the Web, display them in 2D/3D and process them on-the-fly. Raw or processed images may also be exported in GeoTIFF or KML.

This software has 5 key features :

  • It enables 2D and 3D visualisations of Earth Observation datas
  • It is an intelligent data-layer manager for earth observation such as Google Earth
  • It is an innovative data treatment on-the-fly
  • VtWeb server at VisioTerra premises maintains a database of qualified datasets for more than 240 Terabytes : Altimetry (DEM, geoids, bathymetry), LU/LC (ESA Globcover), Envisat ASAR, Envisat MERIS FRS
  • It offers a wide range of services (VtAoiWatcher, VtFinder, Vt Alti, VtPace…) with various data catchers or producers to provide users with Earth Observation data.

An example with the STUDIES TOTAL – Cryosat over Arctic :
Study of the potential of satellite data to monitor the environment in very cold areas
See a hyperlook of an other altimeter: S3/SRAL