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VisionMap Announces A3 color- IR Digital Camera Availability

VisionMap Ltd announced today Oct 6 the availability of its newest product, the A3 CIR large format digital camera. A3 CIR (color-IR) provides near-infrared imagery (NIR) in combination with high resolution color imagery.

The new product leverages A3’s well known superior collection efficiency as well as the complimentary fully automated workflow provided by the A3 Processing System.

In contrast to other camera systems, A3 CIR does not require pan-sharpening of NIR imagery. The native resolution of its NIR imagery is identical to the resolution of its color imagery, providing extremely high resolution NIR imagery for the first time. The capability to efficiently collect and process very high resolution CIR imagery over vast areas is exceptionally useful for the agriculture and forestry market segments.

About VisionMap

VisionMap LTD is a leading provider of state-of-the-art digital aerial survey and mapping systems. VisionMap created an innovative data acquisition and data processing system which optimizes mapping work, setting a new standard for productivity in the Geospatial data industry. VisionMap systems are successfully deployed worldwide. For more information visit