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GMES-Copernicus Free and Open Data Policy

We have recently completed the study into the benefits of a Free and Open Data policy for GMES Sentinel data.

The final report can be downloaded from our web-site plus we have produced a short animated video to promote the key results which can be viewed at

Basically, there is growing evidence that if public data is made available at no cost, it can be used by companies and individuals to create new products and services. These generate new jobs and taxes that provide a greater contribution to the economy than if the data is charged for as has often been government practice. Furthermore, the public sector bodies concerned save money by removing the need for accounting and sales systems which often cost as much as the revenues generated. It is a win-win situation where companies can develop new business and the public sector focuses on achieving its own goals using the data whilst reaping the benefits of increased economic activity. This argument which has been applied to many forms of public data such as cadastral information, transport timetables, meteorological and mapping data, is found to be also appropriate for GMES Sentinel data.

We are planning a seminar in the European Parliament at which the results will be presented and GMES data policy will be discussed.

Report and Presentation can be downloaded below
Open Data study Final report
EARSC FODP workshop presentation