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VEGA is involved in current and future European EO programmes and is committed to supporting their successful development.

Our involvement to date includes providing technical and management support to many EO projects, from early technical work on GMES for the multi-mission ground segment systems implementation, to developing tools such as EOLI. We are also involved in Medspiration programme and undertaking studies on industrial capability across Europe and Canada.
VEGA has also been using its in-depth
knowledge of the EO industrial base to champion the evolution of the diverse community of small and medium sized companies that have contributed so much to the early development of GMES information services. Figure 1 below demonstrates the areas in which VEGA has expertise and capabilities to support the GMES programme.
Figure 1: VEGA – Driving observational requirements to EO products that meet user requirements.
EOLI – On behalf of ESA, VEGA has developed Earthnet On LIne, a platform independent multi-satellite tool allowing easy and standardised access to various types of EO information such as image and product catalogues. In addition to the standard query functions EOLI manages multi-mission product orders and offers a host of specialised GIS features.
Medspiration – is the European component of the international GODAE (Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment) High Resolution SST Pilot Project. During the development phase of this project, VEGA has been working with a consortium to provide software development, project management and quality control expertise.
VEGA can also offer the following services:
Technical and Management Consultancy- to a multitude of GMES projects and missions. This can range from early technical work for the ground segment systems implementation, to studying industrial capabilities that will deliver the resulting information services.
Information Sourcing Consultancy – providing independent support to users in selecting information services and business case development.
Information Infrastructure Development – for users to assist in accessing and utilising information sources. We have the appropriate tools to help process archiving/ cataloguing, data access, secure assess and standards.
Delivering Value –providing consultancy support to help users develop the processes needed to use the information gained to best effect. We offer best practice methodology based on customised risk-management practices.
For more information contact:
Europaplatz 5, D-64293
Darmstadt, Germany
Tel: +49 (0) 6151 82570
(Source Vega-Group)