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UrtheCast’s Video of Iran’s Space Launch Facility Reveals Increased Activity

Captured on March 2nd by UrtheCast’s full-color UHD video camera, Iris, the HD video reveals an increase in activity at Iran’s Imam Khomeini space launch facility. The video suggests the potential launch of the Simorgh SLV rocket, which is designed to send satellites into space.

Captured on March 2nd and delivered to the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs for analysis, this recent HD Iris video of Iran’s Imam Khomeini space launch facility shows increased activity in the area, suggesting that a launch of the Simorgh SLV rocket — which is designed to send satellites into space — could be fast-approaching.

The launch preparations and heightened activity were recently reported by the Arms Control Network and are corroborated by this Iris video, which reveals the spaceport’s Launch Complex 2, Mission Control, and Engine Test Facility.

The anticipated launch, which is expected to deliver a satellite into orbit, comes on the heels of controversy surrounding North Korea’s successful launch of a satellite in early February.

The video has already been featured in the leading space news site,

Fig.1: Iran’s Imam Khomeini space launch facility still frame image as pictured by UrtheCast’s Iris.


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