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UrbanAtlas Exploration Tool presented in the GMES Masters 2012

Gisat has contributed into this year’s European Earth Monitoring Competition – the GMES Masters 2012.

UrbanAtlas Exploration Tool prepared by Gisat, is a demonstrator showing how huge potential of complex results from the GMES services can be unlocked using flexible software framework supporting user-friendly exploration of spatial and socio-economic data in web environment. The Tool is based on the WebTool technology developed by Gisat, integrating different modes of presentation in flexible, user-friendly, active and interlinked way with instant application response.

UrbanAtlas Exploration Tool provides advanced but still intuitive interface, where different modes of presentation (maps, tables, graphs) are interlinked and data can thus be easily visualized, further explored, analyzed or combined with socio-economic statistics. Compiled from thousands of satellite images, the GMES Urban Atlas represents an unique dataset for the first time harmonizing land cover and land use information on city/regional scale across Europe. UrbanAtlas Exploration Tool presents the great potential of the GMES Urban Atlas, in relation to Urban Audit statistical data, to support various strategic planning and decision making activities.

The UrbanAtlas Exploration Tool can be explored here

The WebTool framework technology builts on various Open Source software initiatives and GISAT’ further research and development activities in the UrbanAtlas+ project supported by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the FP7 HLanData project co-financed by EC.

More information at GISAT