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Urban development and flood hazard monitoring in Myanmar

Gisat has started the implementation of an integrated service case within the joint ESA and Asian Development Bank initiative.

Gisat has been awarded as one of the EO information service providers in the frame of ESA and ADB collaboration project EOTAP (Earth Observation Support for Asian Development Bank Activities). The longer-term objective of this activity is to demonstrate the benefits of satellite EO technology as a potentially standard and sustainable operational tool in ADB project planning, implementation and evaluation.

This particular service case aims to provide EO-based products at various scales to support the Bank’s activities in the area of Mandalay city, Myanmar, especially the efficient planning of its investment programs with focus on urban development. The services being provided consist of land cover and land use mapping at local level focusing on the urban structure changes in detail, land cover changes mapping at regional level giving insight into understanding of agricultural and natural processes in the wider rural surroundings of the city, and flood hazard monitoring based on detection of inundation extent during historic flood events and inundation extent modelling.

The service utilizes various EO data: high to very high resolution multispectral optical and SAR imagery necessary to cover the flood peaks during monsoon seasons when extensive cloud coverage occurs in the area. Analysis of archive imagery will reveal the very extreme extents of water level inundation during all major flood events in the last decade. In combination with flood modelling based on precise DTM extracted from EO data and inventory of exposed assets it will provide crucial input into estimation of flood-related risk. The service shall integrate analytical outputs and facilitate assessment of the risk for city development areas and axes.

In this assignment, Gisat capitalizes its long standing worldwide expertise in EO based land cover / land use applications in urban domain as well as previous practical experiences with EO based support of international financial institutions.

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