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Update on the Deimos KORE precision agriculture project

Deimos Space UK is delighted to be leading the KORE (Knowledge, Observation, Response, Evaluation) project, an integrated applications demonstration co-funded by the European Space Agency (ESA), with collaborators SoilEssentials and G2Way.

KORE’s aim is to provide farmers and agronomists with high resolution, cost effective field maps that provide crop health information and historic data on yield and soil characteristics.

Screenshot of EssentialsMap agriculture portal

Societal and end user benefits

The project uses EO imagery from a variety of sources including ESA’s Sentinel satellites, UAV imagery and data from tractor-mounted sensors. All of the collected data is easily accessible and managed using the EssentialsMap agriculture portal operated by Soil Essentials. Farmers and agronomists can use the information derived from these data sources to study the performance of individual fields and make decisions about which areas of a field need more or less fertiliser or targeted disease/pest management treatment.

Reviewingcrop information using EssentialsMap


Implementation of the KORE project demonstration phase is well under way and a small group of farmers have taken part in training sessions on the use of UAV’s and the EssentialsMap portal. The farmers are now using the system and providing valuable feedback for final development phase of the project prior to operational services being available in 2017.

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