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« Un autre regard sur la Terre » : using social networks to raise the awareness of earth observation

Discover the Earth observation satellites and their applications for environment and security of the citizens.

Propose ideas for a pedagogical exploitation in the classrooms. These are the two main objective of the blog “Another look at the Earth” (Un autre regard sur la Terre) created and hosted by Planète Sciences Midi-Pyrénées. Combining images acquired by satellites, didactic explanations and possible exploitation in classroom, the articles are aimed at both public and teachers.

All environmental domains are addressed: management of natural resources, climate change, crisis and natural disasters, deforestation, agriculture, urbanization, etc. Each article addresses an environmental theme, an image acquisition or processing technique f and the scientific concepts involved.

200 papers have been published and the blog is now well ranked in the search engines.

The blog “Another Look at the Earth” is an initiative of the association Planète Sciences Midi-Pyrenees and its volunteers. Its content is derived from information provided by its scientific and industrial partners. All inputs from EARSC members are welcome.

Fig. An impressive algal bloom in atlantic ocean near Aquitaine coast. This Envisat image acquired on the 6 of April is a good opportunity to explain the role of ocean color sensors. Credit:European Space Agency (ESA)

Even is the contributions are published in French, visitors from 140 countries read it. First countries are France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Morroco, Algeria and Tunisia but also Germany, United States, Spain and even Japan, Israel or Vietnam

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