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UAE experts finish work on observation satellite

The Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST) on Saturday said UAE engineers and scientists have completed the final preparations on DubaiSat-1, which is due to be launched aboard a Russian rocket on July 25.

Final tests and equipment safety preparations have been completed successfully and the UAE team is currently preparing to ship DubaiSat-1 from the factory in Korea to its launch base in Kazakhstan.

DubaiSat-1, which is a stepping stone in the UAE’s attempt to create a sound infrastructure that enables the collection of space and earth observation data for the comprehensive development of the nation, highlights the commitment of EIAST to create a knowledge-based economy.

Ahmad Al Mansouri, Director General and vice-chair of the board of directors EIAST, said: “The successful completion of the final stages of DubaiSat-1 by the team of UAE national experts including engineers and specialists working on the project, have underscored the reputation of the UAE as a key player in space research. We are glad that our youth is part of space technology research, a testament to the tremendous talent amongst UAE youngsters.”

“DubaiSat-1 will undoubtedly be a sterling addition to the UAE’s strategic accomplishments,” Al Mansouri added.

Images from DubaiSat-1 will be used for numerous applications including urban development, scientific research, telecommunications, transportation, civil engineering and mapping.

EIAST is currently focused on research in four areas: observation and fog forecast, use of satellite pictures in predicting sand storms, quality of water in the Gulf, and ways to improve the clarity of satellite pictures.

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