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TRE expands into North America + TRE to provide the first interferometric database on a national scale

TRE expands into North America

TRE announced today the launch of a subsidiary company in Canada TRE Canada Inc. TRE Canada’s head office is located in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada), under the direction of Brian Young P.Eng.

The company’s principal focus lies in the North American Market. This expansion will be built on the contacts and experience of Mr. Young, who since 2004 has pursued business for TRE in both Canada and the US, within the private and public sectors.

The creation of TRE Canada follows TRE’s investment to create a market for InSAR technology.

TRE Canada will therefore be able to serve TRE’s North American clients through a fully operational facility within their geographical area.

TRE Canada will have access to the knowledge and skill set of its parent company with parts of the processing chain being undertaken by SAR specialists at TRE’s Data Processing Centre in Milan. In all other respects, TRE Canada has been established to run independently within its own market.

“Being able to call on the expertise from all the TRE Group, TRE Canada will offer its customers a full geo-information service based on our proprietary PSInSAR™ technology. We are very excited about this opportunity and convinced this will contribute to a positive development of the Earth Observation Market in North America. That being said, with the growing need for remote sensing solution also in American (which plays host to multi-nationals in the mining and energy sectors), TRE Canada will support our strategy of strengthening TRE groups’ position as a key player in the InSAR-remote sensing business” quotes Alessandro Ferretti, CEO of TRE.

About Brian Young
Brian Young is a Professional Engineer with a B.SC. in Civil Engineering and an M.SC. in Irrigation Engineering. In a career spanning 43 years, he has worked in consulting engineering, manufacturing, construction and hi-tech contracting environments, gaining business experience in more than 60 countries. Brian brings six years of experience to TRE in the market development of InSAR services in North America, four of which were spent working with TRE as an independent consultant.

TRE Canada Inc.
407-938 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1N9
Tel.: +1 604 331.2512
Fax: +1 604 331.2513

TRE to provide the first interferometric database on a national scale

Milano, March 5th 2008 – TRE announced today that the Italian Ministry of the Environment has awarded a multi-million euro contract to a consortium led by Telespazio and TRE to provide the Italian Government with the first interferometric database for surface deformation analysis on a national level.

Within the project, TRE will be in charge of the processing of the whole satellite archive acquired over Italy by the ESA-ERS sensors between 1992 and January 2001 (~10,000 radar scenes). The database will be provided to geologists and geophysicists for:

  • Identification of slow landslides possibly triggering faster phenomena;
  • Confirmation of the activation status of known landslides;
  • Mapping of new risk areas, not previously identified;
  • Quantitative analysis of other deformation phenomena like subsidence/compaction or seismic fault creeping;
  • Generation of a reference database for future investigations carried out using high-resolution sensors (e.g. Cosmo Sky-Med and RADARSAT).

Information will be made available to the Italian Regional Governments through the national cartographic portal via WebGIS technology.

This project represents a pioneering service for mapping and preventing geo-hazards. Indeed, this is the largest InSAR project ever founded by a national Government and a confirmation of the leading role of radar interferometry for mapping geo-hazards in Italy.