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TRE expands into North America

Tele-Rilevamento Europa (TRE) has established itself as a leading global provider of InSAR services thanks to its advanced PSInSAR™ technique, a radar remote sensing technology for monitoring surface deformation and ground movements.

PSInSAR™ has become a primary tool for oil&gas companies looking for innovative technologies in reservoir monitoring, for public sector institutions involved in public safety, urban planning and infrastructure management, as well as for geotechnical engineering companies serving these organizations.

Following its success, Milan-based (Italy) TRE has recently decided to open a subsidiary company in Canada. TRE Canada will strengthen TRE’s position as a key player in the remote sensing business and address the growing need for remote sensing solutions in North America.

The head offices of TRE Canada Inc. are located in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada), under the direction of Brian Young, P. Eng. Brian brings six years of experience in the market development of InSAR services in North America to TRE, four of which were spent working with TRE as an independent consultant.

Look to meet TRE’s representatives from Italy and Canada in the coming month at the next SEG exhibition in the US.

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