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TRE celebrates its fifteenth birthday

TRE is a commercial company dedicated to the development of InSAR technology, used to monitor surface deformation from space, and the delivery of commercial InSAR products and services.

Since its foundation in March 2000, TRE has always been at the forefront of satellite InSAR.

TRE milestones

  • 1999: PSInSAR™ was patented by the Politecnico di Milano University. It was the first of a family of algorithms now referred to as Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) techniques.
  • 2000: TRE was established in Milan as a POLIMI spin-off company to market PSInSAR™.
  • 2008: TRE founded its subsidiary in North America, TRE Canada.
  • 2010: Continuous investment in research and development led to a new pioneering InSAR algorithm, SqueeSAR™.
  • 2012: CEO, Alessandro Ferretti, and President, prof. Fabio Rocca, were awarded the ENI prize for their outstanding contribution to the oil and gas sector and the potential impact of PSInSAR™.
  • 2014: Prof. Fabio Rocca received the Chinese Government international sci-tech. cooperation awards 2014.
  • 2014: Alessandro Ferretti’s book “Satellite InSAR Data: Reservoir Monitoring from Space” was published by EAGE (the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineering).

InSAR: market applicability

Today, InSAR is internationally penetrating a number of market sectors:

  • It provides oil and gas companies with precise displacement data over producing reservoirs and underground gas storage areas.
  • In open-pit mining and during tunneling works, it offers a synoptic view complementary to in situ observations.
  • In civil protection applications, InSAR is a unique tool to characterize and address areas prone to risk, enabling the monitoring of large areas at a fraction of the cost and time previously required.