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The new Mercator Ocean Quarterly Newsletter #51 (9MB) dedicated to sea ice modelling and data assimilation

For the first time, the Mercator Ocean Forecasting Center in Toulouse and the ICE-ARC as well as IICWG projects publish together a special issue of the newsletter dedicated to sea ice modelling and data assimilation.

The EU FP7 ICE-ARC Project and the International Ice Charting Working Group (IICWG) held a workshop on Sea-Ice Modelling and Data Assimilation in Toulouse (France) on September 15-16 2014.

It was also a key-event for the MyOcean2 project. This special issue reports on a representative selection of works presented at this workshop. The two-day workshop was hosted by Mercator Ocean, one of the ICE-ARC partners, and 38 people from 9 countries all over Europe and Canada attended. The focus was put on research and development related to numerical sea ice analysis and