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The Municipality of Tervuren presents the thermographic map made by EUROSENSE

(18 September 2012) From the end of September 2012 on, the citizens of Tervuren can obtain an indication of the roof insulation quality of their house.

The municipality of Tervuren aims to sensitize their citizens about the efficient use of energy. Since a sufficient roof insulation has been identified as a crucial component in the battle for energy efficiency, investments in a well-installed roof insulation should be promoted. In order to come out with an interesting eye-catcher to bring this message, the municipality of Tervuren awarded EUROSENSE at the beginning of 2012 with a project for the creation of a thermographic map on the municipality.

In the cold winter night of the 8th on the 9th of March 2012, EUROSENSE flew with one of its airplanes equipped with a thermal camera over the entire territory of Tervuren, hereby capturing ca. 4500 images. At the same time, approximately 50 volunteers made a temperature measurement in the room(s) under their roof, and completed an inquiry on the composition of their building/roof, the use of the rooms under their roof, and so on. Experts from EUROSENSE processed the imagery in such a way that a georeferenced and homogeneous thermographic map of the entire municipality was created.

A correct interpretation of a thermographic map is crucial since the colours on the map depend on a variety of factors. Based upon the measurements executed by the volunteers, EUROSENSE established an interpretation key with easy-to-answer questions leading to a legend with a correct indication of the roof insulation quality. Furthermore, several people of the municipality were trained by the experts of EUROSENSE in the interpretation and possible exceptions of the thermographic map.

From the end of the month of September 2012, citizens can pass by at the municipality hall to check out the results of their own house and will also receive the necessary information on the available subsidies from the municipality officer. On the 26th of September (at 20h00), the thermographic map will be officially released during a press conference at the Administrative Centre (Markt 7A) of Tervuren.

Source Eurosense