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The latest news from Cloudeo: answr, NESTLER, EO-PERSIST


Answr is our modern and easy-to-use API-based platform for climate risk analytics anywhere on the planet. Over the past years, we have been analyzing the hidden geospatial complexity faced by businesses when it comes to risk assessment and monitoring. Nowadays, companies need to integrate processed analytics within their internal workflows easily and seamlessly, instead of the time-consuming traditional data purchase and integration.

And that’s where answr fits in: it provides a modern and simple API for integrating risk data, and it comes together with a - currently in beta testing - web application.

With more than 50 climate statistics (wind speed, temperature, precipitation flux, etc) and more than 20 risk data layers (flood, drought, heatwave, etc) covering the entire globe, you can now get deep risk knowledge and advanced analytics for building strategies, improving business decisions, and enhancing long-term resilience for your business and assets.

Visit answr and try it for free!


EO-PERSIST proposes the development of a single cloud-based system that will allow in a unique way the availability of collection, management, and exploitation of the available EO data suitable to permafrost studies. It brings together staff from academia and industry via a series of carefully designed secondments, establishing a unique fertile collaborative research and innovation environment to promote pioneering research and socioeconomic studies implementation in the Arctic.

In today’s changing climate it is of urgent importance to understand the adverse impacts of climate change on the local and regional Arctic natural environments, infrastructures, and industries. To this end, Earth Observation (EO) is the way forward, as it is extremely challenging to obtain long-term continuous ground observations. Recent advances in EO sensors, cloud computing, geographical information systems (GIS), and the field of socioeconomics provide unique opportunities to promote research and socioeconomic studies in the Arctic. Yet, despite their plethora, EO data are provided in a dispersed and unconnected way through several web platforms and in diverse formats, making their use difficult.

The system leverages existing services, datasets, and novel technologies to a) create a continuously updated ecosystem with EO datasets suitable for permafrost studies, b) promote methodological advances in permafrost studies by exploiting the huge volume of EO datasets and c) provide indicators directly connected with socioeconomic effects to permafrost dynamics. The experimental analysis will also be carried out with the system to showcase its use via five carefully selected and innovative Use Cases, that will serve as Key Performance Indicators of the system.

In the EO-PERSIST project, cloudeo AG participates in the implementation of the connectivity module of the EO-PERSIST platform to external sources and the front-end interface, as well as the calibration and validation of the EO-PERSIST system. Furthermore, in collaboration with the other partners of the consortium, cloudeo will contribute to the investigation of the relationship between dependent variables related to permafrost consequences and socioeconomic variables as independents such as GDP, population structure, employment etc. Cloudeo Hellas will participate in the economic impact assessment predictions incorporating spatial information, and regional and microeconomic data.

For more information about the EO-PERSIST project visit the CORDIS website.


NESTLER is a joint project between the EU and African member states designed to promote One-Health sustainable partnership. The project aims to bring together interdisciplinary technological advances to effectively monitor the well-being of animals, plants, and humans in a holistic approach. 

The complementarity between the stakeholders extends upon the ongoing initiatives from FARM2FORK strategies that have resulted in integrated software systems and solutions. The novelty of the NESTLER project lies in the development and integration of advanced remote sensing technologies. The project platform will develop software interfaces for ingesting satellite data sources along with video streams captured from unmanned aerial vehicles and other IoT devices installed for monitoring environmental and animal well-being. The large volume of data ingested into the platform will be subjected to additional processing to extract intuitive insights with the assistance of machine-learning algorithms and deep-learning network architectures. The extracted insights will be translated into predictive models affecting the One-Health sustainability programme using machine automation.

In the NESTLER project, cloudeo participates as a coordinator of the algorithm development for the high-speed, high-volume signal processing captured by NESTLER sensors, as well as of the development of an intuitive visualization toolkit for the extracted information delivered to the stakeholders of the project. Furthermore, cloudeo is responsible for interfacing with existing such services and providing intuitive information to the stakeholders on the expected impact of the climate on crop yield via developing algorithms to interpret the remote sensing data sources.

For more information about the NESTLER project visit the CORDIS website.

Cloudeo marketplace

Cloudeo operates a unique, vendor-independent, data-agnostic market platform through which customers can obtain professional geoinformation services from more than 60 leading national and international providers. Currently Cloudeo counts more than 75 services and products, from high resolution global basemaps to ultra-high resolution drone imagery, and from access to software and platfroms to e-learning services. 

These dedicated solutions address a variety of industries, such as agriculture, urban and landscape planning, oil&gas, telecommunications, and water management. Customers are provided with high resolution imagery, 3D terrain models, thematic maps, and sensor data for a wide range of applications, all of which can be combined with a large selection of software packages, analytics and IT that facilitate the processing of these data. Cloudeo is a solution to a fragmented and high-entry-barrier industry to better serve customers and partners who want to enter the market worldwide.

The platform hosts one of the largest portfolios of satellite and aerial imagery in the industry and can be found here: