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The Integra Project Gets the Green Light

The Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación) has approved the Integra Project (Migration Management Technology Research) in which GMV is participating.

(September 2008). Integra, run by a consortium of fifteen Spanish firms and several research bodies, will develop an integrated management system for migratory movements from the country of origin to the destination country, closing borders to illegal and improper traffic of people without hindering legal and proper movements of people.

It will also furnish the necessary tools for obtaining, processing, analyzing and generating valid and dependable information for creating a known environment.

‘Integra’ thus aims at “advancing technologies for guiding the concept of migratory control towards a vision of migration management”. This vision takes in the whole set of preventive, immigrant-control and -integration actions “in terms of the new all-embracing concept of the extended border”, taking in the country of origin, the transit area, the regulated and unregulated border crossings and the territory of the destination country itself.

Within this consortium GMV is task leader in the use of satellite-based technology for immigration control, involving several technological developments.

The project, part and parcel of the “Cenit” program, will last for four years and involve an investment of €28 million.

Source GMV#