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The first Copernicus Market Report has been released

The recently released Copernicus Market Report, prepared by the European Commission and PwC, shows how the Copernicus programme, launched barely three years ago, is already generating economic value and will keep on increasing benefits for the space industry, the downstream sector and for society.

Based on interviews with over 140 people, representing institutional stakeholders as well as the private sector (micro-companies, SMEs and large companies), the Copernicus Market Report presents how the European market benefits from the availability of free and open Copernicus data and services to generate economic growth and increase employment.

The analysis demonstrates that the Copernicus programme significantly boosted the European space sector, through investments in the Sentinels satellites and the Copernicus services with overall investments in the programme reaching EUR 7.4 billion over 2008-2020. During the same period, the cumulated economic value of the programme is estimated up to EUR 13.5 billion, thus far beyond investment.

Despite a short lapse of time since the launch of Sentinel-1A in April 2014, figures on the Copernicus programme are already impressive: Copernicus data accounted for 10% of EO data used by EO service suppliers in 2015 and are expected to increase their benefits by 31% per year up to 2020.

The Copernicus Market Report also investigates the European market through the lense of 8 promising sectors: agriculture, forestry, urban monitoring, insurance related to natural disasters, ocean monitoring, oil & gas, renewable energies and air quality management. For each sector, economic, social and environmental impacts enabled by Copernicus are presented and case studies of successful activities exploiting Copernicus are provided.

By enabling the development of many commercial applications benefiting both service suppliers and end users, the Copernicus programme is therefore strongly contributing to the development of the society.

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The Copernicus Market Report is publicly available on the website. Download the report

It is building on the main results of two other publicly available studies:

  • A report on the Copernicus downstream sector and user benefits (360 pages) which characterises the benefits of and the barriers to the EO downstream and end user markets in Europe, with the objective to identify the levers that can support the development of economic activity exploiting Copernicus.
    Download the report
  • A report on the overall socio-economic impact of Copernicus up to 2021, which presents an assessment of the economic impact derived from public spending on the Copernicus programme in both conservative and optimistic scenarios.
    Download the report
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More info at Copernicus website