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The European Commission launched the Marine Knowledge 2020 initiative

On 13 September 2010 the European Commission (DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries) presented the Marine Knowledge 2020 initiative which aims to improve knowledge of Europe’s seas and oceans. In line with the EU 2020 economic strategy, the initiative is one of the three cross-cutting goals of the EU Integrated Maritime Policy.

The creation of marine knowledge begins with the collection of marine data, which are afterwards assembled, and then analysed to create information and knowledge. The Marine Knowledge 2020 initiative responds to the stakeholders’ need for a more coordinated approach to marine data collection and assembly, and describes an action plan to develop or improve existing EU policy measures in order to achieve this aim.

Three main objectives are proposed:
1. Reducing operational costs and delays for those who use marine data;
2. Increasing competition and innovation amongst users and re-users of marine data by providing wider access to quality-checked, rapidly-available coherent marine data;
3. Reducing uncertainty in knowledge of the oceans and the seas and so providing a sounder basis for managing future changes.

The Commission’s communication presenting the new initiative points out that GMES is among existing EU instruments contributing to better understanding of Europe seas and oceans. In this context, options for the marine core service of GMES are being tested through the MyOcean project. Products are available for any kind of use, including commercial (downstream activities) but excluding “uncontrolled redistribution (dissemination, e.g. broadcasting, web posting…)”.

As a concrete action aimed at enhancing the effects of GMES, the Commission proposes demonstrations of GMES marine services to be supported through the space theme of the Seventh Framework Programme until 2014.

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