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The 80th meeting of the EUMETSAT Council took place on 1 July in Helsinki, Finland, upon invitation of the outgoing Chairman, Prof Petteri Taalas of Finland.

(Monday, 07 July 2014) The Council approved two contracts for the stations of the Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) ground segment. The MTG system is currently under development to ensure continuity of observations from the geostationary orbit in the 2019-2040 timeframe.

The Mission Data Acquisition Facility (MDAF) will acquire the mission data from all MTG satellites, while the Telemetry, Tracking and Commanding (TT&C) facility will be used to monitor and safely control the satellites in orbit.

The Council also finalised the Programme Proposal for the EUMETSAT Polar System Second Generation (EPS-SG), thus initiating the approval process of the programme by Member States with the expectation that it can be completed by end of 2014. The Council also approved cooperation agreements with ESA, CNES, DLR and NOAA, as required to implement the programme.

EPS-SG is the mandatory programme required to deliver, between 2021-2042, polar orbit observations that are vital to operational weather forecasting up to 10 days ahead and for environment and climate monitoring.

Finally, the Council thanked Prof Petteri Taalas, the outgoing Chairman, for his leadership, and elected its Vice-Chairman, Prof. Anton Eliassen, President of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, as its new Chairman, and Mr. Ivan Čačić of the Croatian Hydrological and Meteorological Service as its Vice-Chairman