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TERRASIGNA – the world seen from above

TERRASIGNA is a leading global provider of customized Geo-Information services. The company offers flexible, faster and economic solutions for deep exploration, understanding or control of highly complex systems or natural phenomena.

TERRASIGNA follows a visionary strategy for the design of new system intelligence integrating mathematical models, statistical analysis, signal and image processing with computational sciences for data, processes or phenomena understanding. The company has developed and continues to improve fully processing chains for interferometric processing of radar data and for automatic extraction of features from large time series satellite imagery databases.

The main development directions:

  • Data processing and EO monitoring services and applications based on satellite radar and optical data: since 2014, TERRASIGNA has been certified, within TERRAFIRMA project, to apply the PSInSAR technology for Earth surface monitoring. The company has successfully used the technology in customized applications for monitoring:
    • Critical infrastructure
    • Oil and gas industry
    • Mining industry
    • Natural hazards
    • Insurance
    • Environment
  • Thematic exploitation platforms for data searching, downloading, management and processing: TERRASIGNA started this line of development in 2010, and, since then, several initiatives have been implemented or are currently under implementatation.

Black Sea Geoprocessing Portal ESSPOS is a Black Sea dedicated web platform for EO data access and processing, the first online platform that gathers large amounts of information for the Black Sea area and offers to its users access to online processing and analyzing tools. Current application areas: water pollution, phytoplankton bloom, sediment transport, water balance, ocean surface topography.

Using the expertise from ESPOSS, TERRASIGNA is part of ESA’s Coastal Thematic Exploitation Platform C-TEP, an online service funded by ESA to provide access to an extensive archive of over 20 years of EO data, near-real-time (NRT) satellite data streams, in-situ measurements, and the tools necessary to process and extract information with focus on dynamic marine processes and coastal interactions. Within C-TEP, among other tasks, the company is responsible for the web interface and for the development and operation of a use case for the Black Sea.

TERRASIGNA also coordinates a consortium for a pathfinder assessment for a Regional Exploitation Platform for Earth Observation data EO4SEE (Earth Observation for South East Europe), mainly dedicated to Black Sea, that will provide high volume data access, process and information service delivery. Within this initiative, the company will be responsible for the Carpathians, Black Sea and Daube Delta region.

  • Data mining / Big Data – in-house algorithms developed by TERRASIGNA and embodied in innovative applications:

    • SITS platform for exploitation of the information contained in Satellite Image Time Series (SITS);
    • Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) platform for searching of similar patterns in both optic and radar high resolution satellite imagery;
    • Suitability Coverage Engine, platform for effective selection and download EO products on the basis of advanced user criteria and analytic needs;
    • Visual Data Mining, visual data exploration tools for browsing and understanding the structure of large data sets of EO imaging products.
  • Mobile Applications for Earth Observation developed by TERRASIGNA aim to increase public awareness in regards to environmental, social and health aspects of life by using satellite data. They help both scientists and casual users to have constant access to and work with complex information.
    The ESA Proba-V App provides users with a wide range of information regarding vegetation health in the surrounding environment, by associating photos taken here on Earth with relevant information from satellites above. C-Land App has been designed to present dynamic land cover changes occurring on international level at different spatial and temporal scales.
  • Development of educational softwareTERRASIGNA understands the importance of preparing new generations of specialists and provides tools for trainers to support their students education in a friendly and modern way:

    • LEOWorksESA main tool for teaching remote sensing and GIS to upper level secondary school students;
    • Interactive Meteosat – Meteorological Application (ESA main tool for teaching meteorology to students);
  • Complementary ground based data acquisition sensors (radar) for different monitoring applications and services – TERRASIGNA developed its own ground based SAR technology that the team can use to tailor better, faster and cost efficient services for the clients.