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TerraImaging and Aerodata Surveys: synergies and a uniform trade name

Two years ago Aerodata International Surveys started a close co-operation with TerraImaging via a majority shareholding in the company.

This co-operation has proven to be very successful. Together we have realized many LIDAR projects in various countries in Europe and in other places in the world. The highly accurate AHN project in the Netherlands, mapping rivers for IGN in France and LIDAR projects in Germany, Spain, Romania and Columbia are just some examples. The demands to supply solutions based on a combination and integration of technologies is clearly growing.

So it is time for the next step:

Together we want to further exploit the knowledge, expertise and technologies in the Aerodata Group of companies, offer new products and services, implement new technologies, strengthen our market presence, create further synergies and most important offer our customers the best possible solutions.
On the road to achieve these ambitions we have decided to change our names as per March 1st, 2013 into:

Aerodata Surveys Nederland and Aerodata Surveys Deutschland.

More than just a change of name:

Aerodata Surveys Nederland and Deutschland will continue to be the international center of excellence for LIDAR technology within the Aerodata Group. And from our Dutch and German office we will continue to be your partner and offer laser scanning products and services on the international market.

On the Dutch market we will replace the existing Aerodata office and offer in addition to our current products and services all other Aerodata products from our office in Utrecht. Also our office in Berlin will offer all additional Aerodata products.

But there is more:

We will further extend our product portfolio with knowledge intensive services, often in close co-operation with partners. Solar potential analysis, flash flood mapping, change detection, 3D city models and “surveying behind your desk” are just some examples. We will implement new technologies like LIDAR bathymetry and others. All with the aim to serve our customers better and help them to achieve their goals and optimize their return on investment.

And most important:

For you as our Customer or Business partner this means that we can offer you all expertise, products and services of the Aerodata Group of companies. For further information please do not hesitate to contact:

Aerodata Surveys Nederland and Deutschland will continue to offer all services which were offered by TerraImaging. We are currently updating the Aerodata website to include information on these services. Until then, you can find this information on the old TerraImaging website

(Source Aerodata Surveys)