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Tech All Stars – the best European web entrepreneurs

The initiative “Tech All Stars” was one idea proposed at Digital Agenda Assembly 2011 by the participants and it is now a reality.

Tech All Stars connects twelve of the best web entrepreneurs from accelerators and web camp competitions across Europe with top EU funding sources, successful entrepreneurs, and hot networking opportunities. Tech All Stars is THE event for Europe’s best and brightest startups.

Tech All Stars is organized by the European Commission Information Society and Media and will be held in June 20th – 21st 2012 in London. The winner will also be invited to the Digital Agenda Assembly plenary on June 22nd in Brussels.

Startups must apply for a spot at Tech All Stars. 12 of the best startups will be selected to participate.

We are looking for tech startups that are registered within the EU and are ready to change the world! There are a few criteria that you must meet to participate:
Your startup is:
•registered within the EU
•less than 3 years old
•has raised less than 1,000,000 Euros in external capital

Tech All Stars is reserved for accelerator graduates and web camp winners. However, we’re also taking ‘wildcards’. Wildcards are hot tech startups that may not have gone through an accelerator or web camp, but have a FANTASTIC startup anyway. We want to give everyone a chance at glory!

Why are we doing this?

We want to foster an environment of growth for startups in the EU. Tech All Stars increases visibility for startups in the European market and provides a forum for presenting startup ideas to angel investors, top executives, mentors, and VCs. We’re looking for tomorrow’s startup superstars within the EU tech community. Tech All Stars is a good opportunity to engage with new startups that are working on innovative technologies.

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