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Stratification of the LUCAS 2018 Master Grid

(14/11/2016) space4environment part of consortium to implement new Eurostat LUCAS Master Grid

A consortium of LuxSpace, space4environment (both Luxembourg) and Indra Sistemas (Spain) will implement the new Eurostat LUCAS 2×2 kmĀ² master grid, the base for the next LUCAS field survey. The master grid represents phase 1 of the stratification: the classification of some 1.1 million points in 10 land cover classes based on orthophoto interpretation. From this master grid the points to be visited in the field (i.e. phase 2) are selected.

For details of the LUCAS stratification and quality control of the data, please refer to the presentation here

In the project space4environment will be responsible for the collection of the image support for interpretation (national orthophotos, Copernicus VHR data), the database design and development as well as the user interface for the photo interpretation.

Indra will be responsible for the photo interpretation of the 714,000 sample points. LuxSpace is responsible for project management and quality assurance and quality control of the resulting master grid.