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STARLAB – Where science turns into the technologies of the future

Starlab is a private company that converts science into technologies with a profound positive impact on society and the planet. Our vision is to make science more useful, alive, vibrant, faster. With impact.

We believe that the potential for innovation is greater when we rethink the basics so we focus on scientific research to transform science into disruptive solutions.

Our main areas of work lie in the space and applied neuroscience sectors. We identify social needs and the market opportunities they create. Then we reach to science and engineering to provide technical solutions, products and services for governments, industry and downstream markets.

We are market-aware and market-driving: Space (technology and EO Services) and applied neuroscience R&D will have great impact in and through several key markets, including environment, energy, health and space.

Our energy comes from the mixture of two cultures: a team of scientists able to look at problems from a different perspective and a business team paying attention to the needs of our clients. That is, scientific excellence and business discipline to transform science into solutions. Talent oriented to solving real problems.

Starlab’s team has three features that make it unique:

• Multidisciplinary backgrounds: physics, mathematics, engineering (electronics, telecommunications, computer science), economics, laws, journalism…

• International: professionals coming from 9 different countries (and growing): United Startes, Italy, France, Greece, Japan, Germany, Italy, Ireland and Spain. Starlab’s official language is english.

• Talent and high grade of education: most of Starlab researchers own or are currently earning a PhD.

Earth Observation Services

Satellites offer the capability to observe the Earth in a powerful, global way for improved management and sustainability. Starlab Space develops new and alternative remote sensing applications to monitor the environment and to improve the management of renewal energies and natural resources.

Some sample services that are already operational:

Starwater: provides coastal authorities with maps of various indicators of water quality to support decision making for coastal environmental management in accordance with European directives.

Starsnow: provides satellite-generated snow cover maps through a user-friendly interface. This service is already being used by public bodies and private energy companies to support their decision making.

Starsoil: provides maps of soil moisture through a user-friendly interface to support decision making for water resources management.

Windmapping: a tool that is supporting wind energy industry to decide where to best invest in wind farms on land.

Starlab Space also develops products such as Oceanpal®, an instrument that provides sea level and significant wave height using Global Navigation Satellite Systems signals like GPS and GALILEO.

Oceanpal® is a remote dry system. This means that, unlike buoys, it is capable of extracting sea related information without actually being in contact with water. This feature drastically reduces the costs of deployment, maintenance and keeps it operational regardless of weather conditions. Oceanpal is currently installed in Europe, Latinoamerica and China.

Contact Details
Address: Teodor Roviralta 45, 08022 Barcelona (Spain)
Phone: +34 932540366 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +34 932540366      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +34 932540366      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Fax: +34 932126445
Contact person: Araceli Pi Figueroa,

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