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SPOTMAPS Saudi Arabia Now Available

Toulouse – April 7, 2011 – Astrium GEO-Information Services (formerly Spot Image) is pleased to announce the release of one of our latest SPOTMAPS coverage, SPOTMAPS Saudi Arabia.

  • SPOTMAPS Saudi Arabia, a 2010 coverage at 2.5 metres resolution, is now available
  • In the past 3 years, Spot Image, part of the GEO-Information division of Astrium Services, has produced more than 80 million square km of SPOTMAPS, seamless, natural colour and orthorectified 2.5m mosaics
  • Off-the-shelf SPOTMAPS covering more than 100 countries can be purchased by the square kilometre. Updates and fresh data are made available regularly

870 tiles were processed from 962 SPOT 5 cloud free scenes, acquired in 2010 at a resolution of 2.5 metres.

SPOTMAPS are mosaics made from SPOT 5 satellite images acquired at 2.5 metres. Coverages are seamless and uniform over the territory of a country or even several countries. SPOTMAPS is the best georeferenced basemap used by our clients in mapping, defence, agriculture and forestry markets. Thanks to SPOTMAPS you can easily produce or update zoning plans and map, perform logistics planning or environment impact studies.

New mosaics are available regularly, with our production of 20 million square km more or less per year. We are at the moment covering more than 100 countries, representing more than 80 million square km available off-the-shelf, ready to be received by our clients a few hours after ordering.

Have a look at our SPOTMAPS Saudi Arabia poster available on

. A high resolution version of this image is available from

Taking full advantage of the fully-integrated combined resources and skills of its Spot Image and Infoterra subsidiaries, the GEO-Information division of Astrium Services has become a recognized world leader in the geo-information market by offering decision-makers sustainable one-stop-shop solutions to increase security, protect the environment, and better manage natural resources. It has exclusive access to SPOT and TerraSAR-X satellite data, while also calling on a full gamut of space data sources and airborne acquisition capabilities, enabling it to offer an unrivalled combination of Earth observation products and services. Its portfolio spans the entire geo-information value chain.

By building on the synergy of Astrium Services’ extended skills and know-how, the GEO-Information division can also develop innovative solutions combining Earth observation, navigation and communications applications at competitive prices.

Cheryl Billson (Astrium Services GEO-Information division) Tel: +44 (0) 7791 720460
Jennifer Newlands (Astrium Services GEO-Information division) Tel: +33 (0) 5 62 19 40 09

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