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Spot Image Awarded USGS Contract

SPOT Image Corporation has been awarded a contract by the US Geological
Survey (USGS) for the purchase of satellite imagery products and
services. The SPOT satellite constellation collects imagery ranging
from 2.5m to 20m, from any location on Earth.

The SPOT satellite constellation collects imagery ranging from
2.5m to 20m, from any location on Earth. SPOT imagery applications
include map updating, creation of 3D terrain models, land-use and
environmental analyses, and disaster response.
“We’ve always maintained a very good
working relationship with USGS, and they’ve worked to integrate our
products into their programs over the 20 years we’ve been in commercial
operations, ” explains Neal Carney, president of SPOT Image
Corporation. “This contract recognizes the need for more global
cooperation in providing a broad range of image options for U.S.
government users.”
“SPOT provides a unique set of imagery
products, bridging the gap between our government Landsat system, and
the higher resolutions of aerial photography and other U.S. satellite
providers,” explains Barbara Ryan, USGS Associate Director for
Geography. “The type of data that SPOT provides will assist the USGS in
fulfilling its mission by providing impartial natural resource and
earth science information to other government agencies, resource
managers, and to the public. We look to expand this relationship, and
help ensure that U.S. users have access to the broadest, most valuable
range of imagery options available.”
SPOT Image Corporation is the exclusive
provider of SPOT satellite imagery products and services to the U.S.
government, serving both defense and civilian agencies at federal,
state and local levels. They work closely with a variety of value-added
firms to ensure that high quality high-value finished products are
reliably delivered to end users. All inquiries concerning SPOT
satellite image products should be directed to SPOT’s U.S.
headquarters, at the address listed below. Headquartered in Toulouse,
France, with subsidiaries and offices in Australia, Brazil, China,
Japan, Mexico, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and the United
States, the Spot Image group leverages a global network of ground
receiving stations, channel partners and distributors to bring
geographic information derived from satellite imagery to public- and
private-sector decision-makers worldwide.
(Credits Spatial News)