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Spot Infoterra enters into collaboration with MAG Group in China

Beijing, September 29, 2009 – Spot Infoterra, a world leader in the field of geo-information products and services, and a division of Astrium Services, today announced the signing of a major agreement with MAG Group in China.

Through this agreement MAG Group and its subsidiary will promote a range of Spot Infoterra products and services:
• The Pixel FactoryTM – a revolutionary, multi-sensor and multi-resolution processing suite
ISTAR Telecom products – a range of datasets dedicated to wireless telecommunication planning
• Global Seeps – offshore oil seepage data for oil exploration and pollution information for environmental studies
• The maritime application services

A dedicated team at MAG Group will be set-up to ensure these marketing activities, and will initially focus on maritime surveillance services, oil and gas exploration and infrastructure network planning, markets where MAG Group has in-depth knowledge and experience on both private and public sectors.

“China has an expanding economy in which geo-information is already playing a major role. We are delighted that MAG Group will help to support our customers and business in China. We see this as the first step towards building a strong commercial relationship with MAG Group and Beijing Tek Meridian” commented Marc Tondriaux, Spot Infoterra CEO.
“We are confident that the collaboration between our organizations will bring new business opportunities for all of us and also help the development of MAG Group in the market sector we are targeting,” said Liu Tao, General Manager Beijing Tek Meridian.

MAG Group, founded in 1994, has an extensive experience in introducing foreign advanced technologies and products to the China market and a nationwide sales and service network. Along with its subsidiary Beijing Tek Meridian System Solution Corp,
MAG Group delivers a range of services including surveying GPS, GIS, mining, navigation, pipeline and marine services.
Spot Infoterra has a well-established presence in China, through Beijing Spot Image (a joint-venture between Spot Image and CEODE created in 1998) and the opening of an Infoterra representation office in 2006.

About Spot Infoterra

Spot Infoterra is a global provider of geo-information products and services bringing
decision-makers sustainable solutions to increase our security, protect the environment and monitor natural resources.

With unique access to SPOT and TerraSAR-X satellites, and a broad range of spaceborne and
airborne acquisition capabilities, the group offers an unrivalled combination of Earth imagery.

This combination forms the solid base for an extensive portfolio of products and services spanning the entire geo-information value chain. Furthermore, building on synergies within Astrium Services, Spot Infoterra develops innovative and highly-competitive end-to-end solutions combining Earth observation, navigation and worldwide communications capabilities.

Combining the talent and capabilities of Spot Image and Infoterra, with a turnover of 160 M Euro in 2008 and more than 800 staff, Spot Infoterra is established in twelve countries and is part of Astrium Services, an EADS Astrium subsidiary.

Media contact
Sarah Haslam (Infoterra)
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Anne-Marie Bernard (Spot Image)
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Fabienne Grazzini (Infoterra)
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