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SPOT-5 Sentinel-2 Take 5 time series available

ESA and CNES are pleased to announce that the new distribution site for SPOT-5 (Take 5) products is now open. The site also provides SPOT-4 (Take 5) data.

The experiment, co-funded by ESA and CNES, made SPOT-5 able to acquire data over 150 selected sites every 5 days under constant angles for a duration of around 5 months over the majority of the vegetation phase (April to August 2015). These time series will be made available very soon to the scientific community to support the development of time series analysis in preparation for the exploitation of the Sentinel-2 mission.

Images acquired during the SPOT-5 Take 5 experiment are processed at level 1C (orthorectified, TOA) and level 2A (orthorectified, BOA) 10 metres resolution. They will be available 3 weeks after sensing time.

Further information about the dataset is available on the SPOT-5 Take 5 description page

The product can be accessed from the SPOT Take 5 portal

All the SPOT-4 (Take 5) data are already available. SPOT-5 (Take 5) products will be ingested from next week on.

Data is accessible under free and open licence conditions upon user registration.