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Spacemetric´s activities

Keystone supports DMC download in Russia, News on Rapid access demonstration at SpaceOps2012 and Keystone for INPE to enhance Amazon monitoring

Keystone supports DMC download in Russia (6 July 2012)

Spacemetric has delivered two Keystone systems to ScanEx Research and Development Center for processing of UK-DMC2 imagery received directly at ground stations in Russia.

The cooperation with ScanEx RDC began in 2011 when they became the first company in the world with an agreement with satellite operator DMC International Imaging Ltd (DMCii) for direct download services from UK-DMC2. At the same time ScanEx also trialled processing the imagery using the Keystone software and this has now been consolidated with the deliveries for two ground stations operating within Russia.

Rapid access demonstration at SpaceOps2012 (15 June 2012)

Spacemetric and SSC successfully demonstrated rapid satellite image access services with data collected live during the SpaceOps 2012 conference from the commercial imaging satellites Pléiades-1A and UK-DMC2.

The live demonstration of rapid image access used prototype capabilities being developed within the NGI project (Near Real-Time Geo-annotated Imagery) for the European Space Agency. The NGI project a technology demonstrator led by Spacemetric for rapid, user-driven access to satellite imagery to support time-critical applications by extending a service-oriented approach farther upstream. The initial public demonstration showed data availability as soon as 80 minutes after satellite downlink. The NGI System is being built upon the Keystone Image Management Systemfrom Spacemetric

The NGI project is funded by the European Space Agency within the General Support Technology Programme (GSTP). Spacemetric is grateful to Astrium GEO-Information Services, DMC International Imaging Ltd and SSC for their help and cooperation in the SpaceOps demonstration.

Keystone for INPE to enhance Amazon monitoring (7 June 2012)

Spacemetric has recently completed delivery of a Keystone Image Management System to Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE).

The new Keystone system is to process UK-DMC2 imagery to support enhanced monitoring of deforestation in the Amazon. The imagery from the UK-DMC2 satellite is received directly by the Cuiaba ground station as part of a recently signed agreement between INPE and satellite operator DMC International Imaging Ltd (DMCii). The Keystone System at INPE catalogues all of the received data and enables it to be rapidly processed into accurate orthoimages using rigorous physical modelling.