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Spacemetric: Next-generation ESA browse services

Spacemetric is working with Elsag Datamat ( to develop next-generation satellite image browse services for the European Space Agency.

The objective of the Interactive Browse project is to provide users with enhanced services for reviewing and selecting the data best suited to their needs.

The Interactive Browse Server will be built upon Spacemetric’s Keystone image management system and use open standards including GeoTIFF, JPEG2000 and OGC Catalogue Services to enable a richer and more flexible access to browse imagery. While current services typically serve up fixed, multipurpose browse or quick-look imagery, the new services will allow users to pan and zoom in high-resolution data, select which channels are displayed, and use interactive tools to refine image geometry and mask cloudy areas before ordering data. A monitoring service will also send users automatic notifications of new imagery meeting their criteria.

The Interactive Browse project is an important step in the development of next-generation user services at ESA. Lars Edgardh, CEO of Spacemetric, noted that “in the Sentinel era, the ability to efficiently locate and evaluate the imagery needed will be a key capability for emerging information services”.

About Spacemetric

Spacemetric is a Swedish company providing geospatial image management solutions. Its customers include the Swedish cadastre, mapping and land registry authority, the Swedish Air Force, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. and the European Space Agency.

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