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Spacemetric News

Spacemetric News

Spacemetric helps in developing satellite image database

(25 March 2008) Spacemetric is supporting the Swedish National Land Survey in the development of Saccess, the national database of satellite imagery. Based on its long-standing experience with satellite imagery Spacemetric is developing catalogue, archive, processing and distribution functions for the database.

The Saccess satellite image database aims to provide effective access to both new and historical coverage of Sweden. Historical layers consist of imagery from the Landsat series of satellites from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. More recent imagery from 2005 and 2007 is mainly from the Spot satellites and Spot-5 is the first choice to provide new imagery to be acquired on an annual basis. Saccess will form a readily accessible resource for studies of the environment and the effects of climate change. The annual updates will provide the opportunity for regular follow-ups.

Spacemetric adds support for Worldview-1 and more

(11 April 2008) Spacemetric continues to expand the capabilities of its Keystone image management suite with support for several newer satellite sensors. The latest sensors are Digital Globe’s new Worldview-1 satellite, the Indian Cartosat-1 mission, Formosat-2 and Kompsat-2. All of the sensors have been requested by Spacemetric customers and reflect the company’s strong focus on providing customer value and service.

The work to add the new sensors entails the development of routines to read the product formats and the implementation of accurate sensor models to enable geometrical adjustment of the imagery. As the new sensors join the list of both mainstream and custom models developed by the company, this means that the Keystone platform is now able to support more kinds of imagery than ever before with the same tools and high levels of geometrical accuracy for which Spacemetric is well known.

Spacemetric supporting new methods in forest survey

(11 April 2008) Spacemetric is working with FORAN Remote Sensing, Sweden in the development of novel methods for synergistic use of satellite imagery and lidar data to derive detailed information for forestry applications.

Information on single trees is fundamental for many silvicultural and forest economical calculations. This information can be costly to collect and lidar is today a popular and rapidly growing complement to airborne imagery. However, simultaneous aerial surveys both complicate data analysis and the effective use of lidar assets. The development work, supported by the Swedish National Space Board, aims to demonstrate the use of high-resolution satellite imagery as an alternative to airborne imagery to provide both more consistent and cheaper single-tree survey products.

Spacemetric’s role in the project is to contribute its substantial experience and expertise in high-accuracy geometrical processing and management of satellite imagery and its eventual integration into a production environment.

About FORAN Remote Sensing
FORAN Remote Sensing specialises in the use of cutting-edge technologies for forestry applications. The principal area of work is advanced analysis of airborne laser scanning data for which they have developed the FORAN Single Tree Laser Method. “Website:“

About Spacemetric
Spacemetric is a Swedish company providing image management solutions for satellite and airborne imagery. Customers include the Swedish National Land Survey, the Swedish Air Force, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. and the European Space Agency.
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