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News about: Java Software Engineers, Spacemetric Netherlands BV, Nigeriasat-2 commissioning, Video management systems to Swedish Army.

(6 October 2011) Seeking Java Software Engineers with video focus

Spacemetric is looking for developers to create our next-generation video management systems. See more at Careers


(3 October 2011) Open for business in the Netherlands

Spacemetric has announced the opening of a new subsidiary in the Netherlands, Spacemetric BV, with offices in Zwolle in the eastern part of the country. The new company will carry out sales & marketing of the Keystone Image Management System, with a focus on the defence and security sectors, while technical activities will concentrate on enhancing of Full Motion Video capabilities.

Bob Moll, CEO of the latest Spacemetric venture, pointed out, “The Netherlands is in the middle of Europe and is well placed to serve the emerging markets for defence and civilian applications of video imagery. The aim is to build upon our track record with the Swedish Armed Forces and offer these capabilities to a broader market.”

There is a booming demand for image-based surveillance and monitoring technologies. Video data is a popular source in defence applications used increasingly on unmanned aircraft systems. There is also interest in such techniques in the civilian security sector, particularly for investigation and enforcement, both from manned and unmanned aircraft.

Contact: Bob Moll, CEO, Spacemetric BV, E:, T: +31 85 8881064


(23 August 2011) Support to Nigeriasat-2 commissioning

The launch on 17th August 2011 of the Nigerisat-2 satellite designed and built by SSTL in the UK sees the commencement of Spacemetric’s commissioning support activities for the imaging payload. This involves detailed in-orbit calibration of the geometrical properties of the imagery from Nigeriasat-2 to ensure high-accuracy products to customers.

The Nigeriasat-2 satellite joins the Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC) of satellites coordinated by DMC International Imaging. Spacemetric has supported all of the DMC satellites so far, delivering DMC-enabled Keystone systems for DMCii, for Deimos Imaging in Spain and most recently for NASRDA in Nigeria. The system installed at NASRDA will store and process all of the imagery acquired there from the Nigerisat-2 satellite.


(30 July 2011) Video management systems to Swedish Army

Spacemetric has delivered video management systems to the Swedish Army that will manage imagery from the new Ă–rnen tactical UAVs.

The new video management systems represent a significant milestone for Spacemetric since it further expands the customer base and technical capabilities of the Keystone system. The new systems support the storage, real-time playback and map-based visualisation of STANAG-compliant Full Motion Video. They also support other resources such as satellite data and reconnaissance imagery in the same an integrated environment. Two systems have been provided through SAAB as part of the delivery of a turnkey UAV capability.